chimney swifts entering their evening roost

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Hundreds of migrant chimney swifts enter the chimney at Free State Bookbinders in Baltimore City last night for their evening roost. Recent rough estimates come in around 2000 birds roosting in this single chimney, though on peak migration nights that number can double or even triple. If you do some investigation in your area you may find there’s an annual event like this near you, too. If there is, I highly recommend checking it out–it’s quite a spectacle! More info here.

september psithurism

psithurism n.  sound of wind whispering in the trees.

And thus waking to the first instance of psithurism born of a cool breeze do we now herald the arrival of autumn, though the equinox is yet seven days hence. Get thee behind us, summer, and yield the stage to your more attractive successor. Thank you.

good morning!

Groundhog, © 2016 S. D. Stewart

A groundhog (aka woodchuck, whistlepig, etc.) takes the early morning sun.

eastern tiger swallowtail

Worn late-summer Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, © 2016 S. D. Stewart

Worn late-summer Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Note the faded and ragged wing tips, completely missing the ‘swallow tail’. They’re almost too degraded to identify the sex, but based on my other photos I think it’s a male. The light form of the female has much more blue on the hind wings. Still, it’s kind of a tough call.

Worn late-summer Eastern Tiger Swallowtail with bee companion, © 2016 S. D. Stewart

Late-summer Eastern Tiger Swallowtail with bee companion.

keluar ‘fractures’

Dissonance streaked with melody

See also: live version (best viewed in seizure-inducing full-screen mode)


inside outside hot
inside cold and outside hot
all hot but one room


dry faded flowers
offer seed of life in death
a bird flies off full


the walls are falling
glimpses seen through plaster cracks
yet there are no walls

ghost cats of Delverne

ghost cats of Delverne
from their hilly perches stare
white sentries above

black sun

“Black Sun”, from Splendor Solis, a German alchemical treatise, 1582

“Black Sun”, from Splendor Solis, a German alchemical treatise, 1582

Wikipedia entry for Splendor Solis

Discussion on the significance of the Black Sun in alchemy

(found via Public Domain Review)

A Vision of Isolating Technology from 1906

A Vision of Isolating Technology from 1906

A Vision of Isolating Technology from 1906 (Source: Public Domain Review via Diseases of Modern Life)

broken wiper [dream]

One of the wipers was brokenstuck in placegoing nowhere. As I stared through the rain-smeared windshield I wondered how exactly I had arrived here. The parking lot looked familiar. I knew I worked at this place, but what of the last few hours. Waking, eating breakfast, deciding (oddly) to drive instead of bike…what of those actions. Goneall of them. With trepidation I opened the car door, walked across the dirt parking lot, and entered the building. Inside, coworkers and friends from long ago gathered around a table in the vestibule. I sat with them, aloof and guardedunwilling to divulge the increasingly alarming gap in my memory. As I casually looked around, I noted three doors leading from the the main lobby. One of them led to my place of employment. But which one. I didn’t recognize the people passing through on their way in. I craned my neck as each door opened, but saw no familiar landmarks or personages beyond any of the three. Suddenly I realized I also could not recall the appearance of my own personal office space. So should I even guess right as to the proper entrance, I would not know where to go once inside. It appeared that I would need to take a leap of faiththere was a choice to be made.

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