bunker diaries pt. 7

10.22. Bunker galley. Catherine Deneuve and Christopher Lloyd: born on the same date. Drinking horrible excuse for coffee and staring at these transfer forms. I spoke briefly to the trainee about transferring. She begged me to submit the transfer, admitting she’d only pursued me out of a desperate boredom with life in the bunker. I feel wounded and relieved…a curious blend of emotions.

10.23. Out in the desert. Today is the birthday of Pierre Athanase Larousse (b. 1817), whose famous dictionaries I still consult. I’m coming down off the peyote. I canceled the afternoon session and took it, not without some hesitation. I’ve had my differences with hallucinogens in the past. But I felt in the right mind, as well as in need of insight, a type of which I know no other source. The desert is a wondrous place today.

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