bunker diaries pt. 9

10.31. Hiding in a cactus patch, waiting for The Great Pumpkin. Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday to John Keats, John Candy, Johnny Marr, and Peter Jackson. And Vanilla Ice! The Colonel is here. He’s already released two of the trainees from their contracts due to poor performance during the dog-and-pony show. I just returned from dropping them off at the train station in _____City. The colonel’s dealings with me have been perfunctory, but at least I have not picked up on any signs of direct hostility. I have largely been avoiding him, hence the cactus patch. I hope The Great Pumpkin rises to show its glowing orange face. I want to hitch a ride as it floats off into the stratosphere.

11.4. My quarters. Robert Mapplethorpe was born on this date in 1946. Col. ______ left today. Everyone is relieved. The inspection went better than I expected. Perhaps the purging of those two rogue trainees will improve the course of the training. We may receive new recruits soon. It will be tough to get them up to speed, but Dr. ______ advised the Colonel to permit private tutoring as an exception. In a one-on-one setting, I think I can make it work. Maybe I’ll actually close this project out soon and move on.

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